6 Best Earphones Under 3000 Rupees [Reviewed] March 2020

Earphones play an important role in our viewing experience and they are used in almost every other media device including an iPod, laptop, mobile, etc. 

A branded and good quality earphones will seriously take your sound and viewing experience to a whole new level. So, if you have even thought of once for investing in the best earphones under 3000 then you must read this article till the end. 

We care for you and as we are pretty much familiar with how the mindset of Indians work, we decided to come up with an article for you guys where we could present the top earphones under 3000 in India that give the utmost comfort and experience. 

Below listed earphones with mic are what you need to get started with deep and clean sound… 

Best Earphones Under 3000 in India [2020]

best earphones under 3000

Generally, people are worried that they may end up spending on some wrong brand of earphones due to a lack of knowledge or wrong choice. 

We saw that many people went through this issue, and earphones being an important peripheral used pretty much frequently should be of good industry standards so that they can withstand some considerable amount of time.

To help our fellow readers in choosing the right kind of earphones, we decided to come up with this article. 

The top earphones in India listed in this article are undoubtedly the best out there in the market as they charge you for essential factors like material quality, style, battery life and so on. These are not like other brands that just charge you up for the brand. Investing in such a company can be a waste of time, you know what I mean 😜

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TAGG Inferno 2.0 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Tagg is said to be a brand which has caught some major chunk of market attention in the recent time most probably due to its reliability.  The model that we are focusing upon for now is the Inferno series. This series of wireless in-ear earphones can suit pretty much all of your needs. 

CSR chipset technology loaded with Bluetooth 4.1 is packed in this gadget, ensuring an amazing and uninterrupted connection for you. 

TAGG Inferno 2.0 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones
TAGG Inferno 2.0 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones

We performed a few tests to see how it sounds and the results were pretty convincing. The high fidelity sound feature just pumped up the sound quality to a whole new level. The strong bass and treble were felt clearly while listening to such audio. 

In the product box, you will find earplugs of various sizes and you can use them accordingly as per your requirements and preferences. There are playback options on the earphone, making it convenient to make any changes like switching songs or pausing track, without the need of taking out your phone again and again. 

The noise cancellation feature works quite well and even in the noisiest surroundings, you can pull off a certain level of isolation. The gadget is also waterproof, convenient for use in places like the gym or during jogging. 

It’s powered by 120 mAh battery capacity, which can be fully charged in almost 2 hours and after that, it can provide you a backup of almost 7 to 8 hours. 


  • Tagg Inferno 2.0 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones is backed by one year of the warranty period. 
  • The product being on IPX 7 rating is a clear sign that it’s highly waterproof. 
  • The playback time is almost 8 hours and the rest depends upon your usage. 
  • It constitutes of an inbuilt mic and CSR chipset technology. 
  • The build quality is very nice.
  • It’s a value for money product, as reported by many.
  • The sound quality is great whether on music or calls.
  • The Noise cancellation in the earphones matches up with the standards of the most premium ones, which even go above 10K.
  • At times for establishing a proper connection, you may have to connect four to five times.
  • The refund policy is a bit bad or disorganized, we would say.
  • The sound quality is definitely good, but at higher volumes, some distortion or noise is generated.
  • The key functions are bad.

LoopAudio – HyperLoop 5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

If battery life is your concern or top priority then you shouldn’t miss on checking out this awesome earbud from LoopAudio which provides a playback time of almost 16 hours and the best part of all is that the other features don’t get compromised at all. 

HyperLoop 5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone
HyperLoop 5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

We have personally not yet seen such a worthy and affordable investment. The addition of 42 mm control makes it possible to receive calls, raise the volume, to name a few things. 

What we personally Iiked a lot about these earphones was its dual connectivity feature, which basically lets you connect to two devices at a time. This is actually a pretty good feature that comes handy when you are with your friend or someone with whom you would like to share something or the other. 

The 11 mm neodymium driver integration is one of the most prominent reasons for strong and amazing sound quality. The IPX7 rating makes it possible to wear earphones in light weather conditions or during your workout too. The CVC6 noise cancellation and bass level of the earphones also impressed us quite a bit. 

Inside the product box, you should be greeted with earbuds, charging cable, charging case, clip, and ear hooks. 


  • The non-stop playback time of 16 hours is delivered in a single full charge. 
  • The control integration inside the wire makes it possible to perform regular tasks like receiving calls, changing tracks, etc. 
  • LoopAudio – HyperLoop 5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone is backed by one year of warranty. 
  • The ergonomic design will be a preference for many. 
  • It’s a value for money product
  • Unbelievable 16 hours battery life!
  • 100% Waterproof IPX7
  • 5.0 Bluetooth Support
  • Great customer care service
  • The fit of these earphones isn’t quite comfortable
  • The gadget plays a problem during calls. The mic doesn’t seem to work well.
  • The ear pins are not of very good quality.

CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

One of the best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 is from a brand that you would already be using or familiar with the name in some way or other; Crossbeats. 

The mixture of silicone along with gel makes a perfect combination for a good and convenient fitting in the ear. Just like in various other listed best earphones under 3000, the mic integration feature is also present in this one. 

CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Earphones
CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

The earphones are waterproof, so you can take them out and use them even during rain or gymming without taking tension for any kind of damage. 

When you make a purchase for the earphones, you will also get a carry case. The carry case shouldn’t be underestimated in any manner as it’s not like any other carry case which you just get for name purposes instead this one is a strong and sturdy one so that you are able to carry your earphones safely in your bag also. 

If you are always irritated by the noise going around you, then you would be glad to know that the passive noise cancellation feature will help you get rid of it. With just a charge of 2 hours, the playback is given of around 8 hours. 

Easily connect the earphones (30 feet) to your peripheral devices including Windows computers, and Android devices without any interruption as the gadget is powered by Bluetooth 4.2.


  • CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Earphones is backed by 12 months of the warranty period. 
  • The earphones are both sweatproof and waterproof, all thanks to the IPX7 rating. 
  • The cable of the gadget is tangle resistant. 
  • The charge time of 2 hours is capable of providing the playback time of 8 hours. 
  • Great bass
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Superb noise cancellation
  • Works nicely with major gadgets
  • It’s not Bluetooth that you can use while driving. Won’t fit inside your helmet.
  • The customer service isn’t up to the mark.
  • Design is not ergonomic

Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Headphones

If you are a brand conscious person for whatsoever reason and wouldn’t like to trust new or unfamiliar names then these earphones from Samsung could be of good use to you. The gadget is very much affordable, even though it’s from a world famous cum premium brand. 

Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Headphones
Samsung Original Level U in-Ear earphones

The design of these earphones was our favourite. The necklace style design just makes everything so comfortable mahn! 

The gadget sports an active noise cancellation system, which is actually seen a lot less these days. Instead, you would find a passive noise cancellation system in most other best earphones under 3000 out here. 

The support of Bluetooth 4.1 with additional features like active pairing and multi-point access makes these earphones a perfect choice. On a single charge, the gadget can deliver a playback time of 11 to 12 hours, all thanks to the good quality of the lithium-ion batteries. 

The integrated mic is capable of even functioning with the noise cancellation system, making this one of the best earphones with mic. The earphones have a sturdy built quality and you can take them almost anywhere but to keep them in good and proper condition while you not use them, you should purchase a sturdy carry case. 


  • Samsung, a worldwide brand, will definitely have a warranty on its product. Original Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones comes with a warranty period of 12 months which covers you against any type of risk. 
  • The design of these earphones is unique in itself and we also don’t see the necklace design being inspired from somewhere. 
  • The playback time is 11 to 12 hours whereas the standby time is 500 hours. 
  • The earphones are available in two color variants: Gold and Black Sapphire. 
  • Battery life is good
  • Nice build quality
  • Good bass and treble
  • Rubber for grip
  • Not much suitable for sweat
  • Uncomfortable earplugs
  • Difficult to manage in summer due to sweat.

Sony MDR-XB510AS Extra Bass Sports in-Ear Headphones (Black)

If you have got a busy and active lifestyle then my friend, the Sony MDR-XB510AS Extra Bass Sports in-Ear Headphones (Black) are what you need. 

It’s loaded with amazing features like IPX5/7 splash proof washable, Extra Bass and the best part of all is that it has got unlimited battery (it’s wired😂). 

Sony MDR-XB510AS Extra Bass Sports in-Ear Headphones
Sony MDR-XB510AS Extra Bass

We have gone through a lot of Sony headphones and just like their every other product this one too is mind blowing and fantastic in terms of what it has to offer. The price of the gadget isn’t too high and neither too low. Compared with what it delivers, the price fits absolutely perfectly! 

The bass is boomy and deep, just the right thing that you need for a great sounding experience. The mids will provide you sufficient warmth, all thanks to the pronounced. The general masses out there wouldn’t be disappointed with the product at all. 

The product’s sound staging is also quite amazing that you wouldn’t like to miss out on. At first, we thought the earphones to be a bit long and there was the fear of them falling out but thanks to the arc supporters (ear fins), the earphones remain intact. 

The single in-line button lets you skip or pause audio. Unfortunately, it lacks the button for adjusting the volume. 

The earphones can be taken at the pool or any wet areas, as they are equally water-resistant. The product is available in four colors: Green, Black, Blue, Red. The package contains arc supporters, carrying pouch, clip, etc. 

Sony has always been known for its amazing and high-quality products. In the market, there are many cheaper alternatives available but in this rugged competition also, Sony stands out from the crowd by focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. 


  • These are washable sports earphones 
  • It goes well with the general customers 
  • An affordable yet high-quality product from a premium brand 
  • The product build quality is awesome 
  • Passive noise cancellation is pretty decent
  • The heavy bass settings are just amazing
  • The cable quality is superb!
  • Everything under one hood!
  • Lacks the volume control buttons
  • The smaller size buds can cause pain in the ears
  • At times you may come across some connectivity issues
  • The return or refund policy seems to be bad.

1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphone with Mic

The iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphone with Mic – Black are the first pair of wireless earphones released by 1More. The company is known for its quad driver and triple driver earphones. 

1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphone with Mic – Black
1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphones

The affordable wireless earphones suit perfectly for the sportspersons. The neckband style design is just what you need to impress people around you. The material used for construction is plastic and even after hours of usage, you will feel comfortable using these earphones. 

The silicone hooks make the gadget very stable, ensuring that they don’t fall out while you go for jogging or exercising. It comes with an IPX6 rating, leaving you free to dive into the pool, shower, etc with these. 

In this edition, the company upgraded a few things and the addition of support for Bluetooth 4.2 and AAC Bluetooth streaming codec was one of them. It features a tight and controlled bass. 

It sports a solid battery life, and the general consumers will find it sufficient for their normal sound needs. On average, it can go up to 8 hours on a single charge, which we feel is just what you could expect out of the earphones under 3000. We tried charging the earbuds for around 15-20 mins and to our surprise, it was able to deliver runtime of almost an hour. 


  • A great option for both general consumers and audiophiles. 
  • An old and known brand among consumers. 
  • An attractive design 
  • Support for Bluetooth 4.2 and AAC Bluetooth streaming codec. 
  • Wide soundstage and punchy bass
  • The fitting is very comfortable and secure.
  • It sports an IPX6 water resistance
  • The battery life is amazing for all types of listeners.
  • A bit of Mushy buttons
  • The treble is reported to be harsh by the users but it’s bearable and not much noticeable for normal tasks.
  • The mids are too repressed.


We hope that you would be now aware of some of the best earphones under 3000. The above-listed earphones were selected after careful research and practical usage. Every word of ours is backed by practicality, so we request you to take our recommendations seriously. It’s also important to note that what we suggest is not the final takeaway, do your own research too and form your own decision. 

Check out the attached product links for further information on specific products. Ensure that you go through factors like frequency, sound quality, charging time, etc so that you land up with a good quality of earphones. Don’t forget to check out for exclusive offers and promotions on your chosen product/s.

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