Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones Review [Budget Friendly]

We always look for such earphones that are comfortable to use along with excellent sound quality but come at a pocket-friendly price. Very few companies are offering high-quality features and sounds within your budget. In this Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver In-Ear earphones Review, we will provide all the necessary details for you.

Xiaomi recently has brought a revolution in the market of earphones by introducing Mi Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones at the most affordable price. No doubt, these are one of the best budget earphones available in the market. These Mi Dual Driver In-Ear earphones cost very less in India. These are the standard 3.5 mm earphones with dual-driver, which is quite rare in this price range.

You will be amazed to know the specifications of the Mi Dual Driver earphones. Besides being one of the best wired earphones with mic, these affordable earphones have less weight with standard cable length making them very easy to use.

Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic
Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic


Sturdy design with a premium look

Mi Dual Driver earphones come up with a Y-shaped premium look and have a sturdy design. Xiaomi offering the standard quality cable in this price range is quite significant. The braided cables are not only the thickest compared to the price but also provides strength to the structure of the earphones. Along with this, the cable length is about 1.25 m, and it is present in such a way that the cable remains hassle-free and stays unwired. You can easily keep them in pockets, bags, or cases without having any tangling problems.

In-line controls

The Mi Dual Driver earphones are the best earphones under 1000, having the user-friendly in-line control features. There are three buttons as in-line controllers to the right cord with a microphone. You can control the music with the play/pause button, and it also offers volume rockers that are important to increase or decrease the volume level. With a long press of this button, you can also have access to the voice assistant of your phone. These earphones are compatible with Android phones without any operational issues.

Standard quality earbuds

The Mi Dual Driver In-Ear earphones have anodised aluminium earbuds with magnetic suction backs that are quite useful for the users. Moreover, these earbuds have a matt finish look and in-built fingerprint-resistant features. Because of the magnetic suction facility, these earphones work well with the storage and wearing process. These earphones do not pause the audio when they are attached, and the best thing is that it is a feature of wireless earphones and rarely seen in wired earphones within this price range.

Dual Driver features

Another best thing about these earphones is they have two components in each earbud instead of one. It is rare to have the dual-driver features within 1000 rupees. The earphones have 8 mm + 10 mm dynamic drivers, which help to separate low, mid, and high frequency effectively. Because of the two drivers, one can manage the low frequencies while the other works for mids and highs.

What do we like?

Comfortable and easy to maintain

Mi Dual Driver In-Ear earphones are designed in such a way that they are very comfortable even after prolonged usage. The worst thing about regular headphones is that they have tangles all the time. But these earphones are very easy to maintain because of their lightweight and foldable nature. You can keep it anywhere inside your bags or pockets, and they take less place. The length of the cable is also convenient enough to use.

Landscape orientation

These earphones have 90-degree L-shaped connectors that help you to use the earphones in landscape orientation when they attach them to your smartphone. This feature helps you while you are playing games on your phone.

Earbuds quality

Due to the angular tips of the earbuds, you can use these earphones on a stretch without any discomfort. The tips comprise of standard quality rubbers, and three pairs of extra tips (S/M/L) are available in the packages, which ensure a good fit for your ears. Therefore, you can use these earphones without any disturbance.

Bass sound

If you are a bass-lover, you will love the audio quality of these earphones. These earphones offer a high bass sound and a large number of Indians prefer it. You can enjoy listening to the bass-centric tracks with Mi Dual Driver earphones that no other earphones can offer in this price range. Usually, genres like Dubstep and Electro have massive drops, therefore these wired earphones are the best quality audio without any distortion. In the case of call audio, these earphones do a great job as daily drivers.

What we don’t like?

Not suitable for all types of genres

The Mi Dual Driver earphones deliver the best quality bass sound. However, they do have a lack of balance in frequency response and suitable only for some specific genres. Using the equaliser can make the audio a little better, but most of the time, the high bass overpowers all other audio elements.

EQ Tuning facility

These budget earphones lack good EQ tuning quality. There is an enormous scope to improve this facility for a better listening experience.


If you are looking for earphones under 1000 rupees, Mi Dual Driver In-Ear earphones can be the best option for you. These earphones are equipped with durable features with a balanced audio delivery. Though these earphones are not suitable for all types of genres, they can provide the best high bass sound for bass-lovers. Because of the sturdy design and affordable price, they have become popular within a few days. They are perfect for daily usage and long-time listening as they have the braided cable, magnetic latch, and angular tips. Overall these earphones are worthy of purchasing despite all the drawbacks.

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