Mulo Wonderloop 500 Review [March 2020]

Best Wireless Neckband Earphones Under 1500

Gone is the time when wired earphones used to rule the market. Nowadays, wireless earbuds are in hue among the customers. Neckband styles wireless earphones have achieved a broad customer base within a few years with the help of some smartphone manufacturers. In recent times, many popular brands have introduced wireless neckband earphones.

There is a large variety of earphones so that the customer can easily choose their favourite earphones from different brands like Mi, Realme, Noise Turn Charge, etc. Among all these brands, the Mulo Wonderloop 500 earphones are preferred the most by the customers. Mulo Wonderloop is a Kolkata-based audio company providing the best quality earphones at a reasonable price.

Mulo Wonderloop 500 Wireless Neckband Earphones
Mulo Wonderloop 500 Wireless Neckband Earphones


User-friendly Design

Mulo Wonderloop 500 wireless neckband style earphones are designed effortlessly and offer all the similar features available in other earphones. The neckband is made up of high-quality plastic materials, whereas standard quality rubbers are used to make the earbuds. It not only ensures a better grip but also provides a solid build. Because of the perfect fitting, it does not fall from your ears easily, even after heavy usage. Therefore, these wireless neckband earphones are actually very comfortable to use.

Easy Pairing and Connectivity

Due to the presence of CSR QCC3003 chipset, the Mulo Wonderloop 500, can be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. The process of pairing is simple and hassle-free. You need to long-press the power button to start pairing for the first time. Once the pairing is done, it will be connected automatically after turning on. It works flawlessly without any disconnection or issues in the pairing.

Deep Bass Sound

Mulo Wonderloop 500 wireless neckband earphone has a 10 mm driver with a superb base sound. Mulo Wonderloop 500 earphones have bass-heavy sound with punchy bass and Deep Bass Sound. These earphones also feature Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), and you can turn on/off depending on your smartphone’s support. Mulo Wonderloop 500 is for those people who love to enjoy music with deep bass volume without any distortion.

Call vibration

When it comes to calling quality, Mulo Wonderloop 500 earphones have the standard features like the other earphones available in the market. These earphones have a call vibration facility that will alert you if there are any incoming calls when the earphones are not plugged into your ears. The vibration is quite high, and it can be a little lowered down. This is an essential feature that more brands should incorporate into their earphones.

What do we like?

Easy to maintain

Mulo headphones company has brought such user-friendly wireless neckband earphones that are lightweight and foldable as well. Thus, they are very easy to maintain. Earphones easily get tangled up, which is a big concern. But Mulo Wonderloop 500 wireless neckband earphones are actually very easy to carry, and they do not occupy many spaces. The wireless range is nearly 10 meters so that it works very smoothly.

Long battery life

You will be very happy to use the Mulo Wonderloop 500 earphones since they offer the greatest battery life. On a single charge, you can enjoy 9 hours of listening in 80% volume, which is quite good.

In-line controls

You must love the in-line control features of Mulo Wonderloop 500 wireless neckband style earphones. It not only helps you to control the volume, but you can also receive or reject calls and change the playbacks. The short press power button works to answer and end calls or play/pause the music. To increase or decrease volume, short press Volume+, and Volume- respectively. With Long press Volume+, you can jump to the next track where Long press Volume- helps you to go to the previous track. For Voice Assistant you need to Long press Volume+ and Volume – together.

What we don’t like

In-build quality

The Mulo Wonderloop 500 is considered as one of the best budget earphones. But you may not like the in-build quality of the earbuds. The magnet in the earbuds is not strong enough. It will be better if the music pauses automatically when the magnet gets separated from each other.

Charging cable

Though Mulo Wonderloop 500 earphones have long battery life, sometimes you may find it difficult to charge them. You need a micro USB port to charge the earphones. But if there is USB type C port, it will be easier to charge up.


If you are looking for earphones under 1500 rupees, the Mulo Wonderloop 500 is the best option to opt for. In this budget-friendly price range, Mulo Wonderloop 500 wireless neckband earphones offer great bass quality along with long battery life. Though these earphones have just stepped into the audio market, they are getting a good response from the customers. People who love the high bass sound and also search for wireless neckband earphones must try Mulo Wonderloop 500 once. It will be worth your money.

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